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Olympic Summer!

Published 10 September 2012

What a summer! I had the priviledge to work with Steve Morrison and Ben Rhodes who were our 49er representatives at London 2012. After initially being invited to Weymouth in June 2012 for 2 days sail trim coaching, with the 49er squad, I was asked by the boys RYA coach Paul Brotherton to be shore manager for the boys, as well as look after the sail programme. So I spent the next two months living in Weymouth working with the boys and getting to see what really goes on behind the scenes of Skanadia Team GBR.

From choosing which sails the boys would actually use at games, to fitting out a brand-new 49er, there was always plenty to do to get them into the best shape to go into the games. We even had Prince Charles to do the launch of the new boat, which was great!

I really was excited to be involved and a great chance to work with elite athletes who were trying to peak for the Olympic Games. The boys put everything they had into the games, and although the end result was a 5th place, they can be very proud of the way they represented their country.

I am sure they will be back on the Olympic trail once again, dreaming of Rio in 4 years time.